A pro tip for photography in Antarctica/everyday life

“Slow down. Explore.”

This was one of the photography tips offered by Paul Teolis, an award-winning professional photographer, at a Travel Massive and G Talks event I attended last week. Paul is currently the Antarctica expedition photographer for G Adventures, and he had beautiful photos to share from his voyages, along with some great stories on what it took to capture those moments.

Antarctica is high up on my bucket list – in fact, Antarctica and Australia are the only continents I have yet to touch (though my bucket list of travel destinations remains mighty long) – so it was a great pleasure to learn more about this place that fascinates me so (and they had free wine and cheese – WIN!).

When this slide came up it hit me like a karmic hammer. I’ve been trying to be more mindful and focused on the present, and this message was a very literal and obvious reminder to enjoy the moment and the beautyof life happening around me. Slowing down to explore not only yields better photographs in the field, it also creates richer and more memorable everyday experiences.

Another tip Paul shared – narrative can turn a less-than-stellar photo into something memorable and meaningful. I’m not sure if my little story improves this picture, but that’s for you to decide, trusty reader!


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