Best pizza in the city

So beautiful and delicious. This Monday night delight was enjoyed at Pizzeria Libretto (Danforth location); the anchovy pizza was my favourite, and those doughnuts for dessert — YUM! This is a pretty well-known and well-reviewed Toronto restaurant chain, and has been designated as serving authentic heritage grade pizza Napoletana by the Italian Government and European Union.

I enjoy trying cuisine from around the world, so it’s great that we have authentic Italian pizza available in Toronto (not that I haven’t enjoyed inauthentic pizza). Actually, we’re very fortunate to have the authentic cuisine of many cultures available in Toronto. While I feel strange referring to foods that are everyday foods to me as “ethnic” foods, this is how they’re defined in North America. I kind of like Tyler Cowan’s tagline for his dining guide blog: “all food is ethnic food.” It’s true;  “ethnic” is defined as “pertaining to or characteristic of a people, especially a group (ethnic group) sharing a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.” So, pizza in this case, an Italian food — is an ethnic food.

In North America, “ethnic food” tends to refer to cuisines from groups that are visible minorities in our society, but I wonder if this term will change as our society becomes increasingly mixed and even more diverse. Perhaps we’ll just refer to foods by their origins (which I think most people tend towards in any case, e.g. Chinese food, Ethiopian food, Japanese food, etc.).

Enough thinking on this for now. My belly is full. I shall sleep well and dream sweet dreams.


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