Deep thoughts by a brand that sells “technical cashmere”

I mean, I like my wool sweaters, but I LOVE my technical cashmere.

Hope the sarcasm came through, but more importantly, hope you caught the reference to the 90’s teen classic, 10 Things I Hate About You.

Seen on Bloor at the soon-to-open Kit and Ace, a store I know little (but perhaps enough) about – they sell technical cashmere (huh?), they’re expensive ($78 for a t-shirt?! Worth it? Anyone know?) and their selection of models is rather lacking in diversity. And this is the thing that really irks me. Kit and Ace folks – have you taken a walk around Toronto? Do you realize that this is a diverse city? Maybe I would be less annoyed by your constant stream of Facebook ads and more inclined to pop into your store if you shook things up a bit and were more representative and inclusive of the people living and working here. Your ads tell a very…monochromatic story, shall we say? Dark-skinned people are beautiful too. And we just might love technical cashmere (if we knew what it was).


Screenshot of Kit and Ace website


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