#favreads: October 25, 2015

This is a round-up of recent news and content from around the web that I found interesting. Coincidentally, all stories discussed the topics of race/diversity/cultural sensitivity. Enjoy!

1. From the National Post: Canada federal election candidates include more visible minorities in 2015 than in the past four votes

Go Canada! We elected 47 visible minority candidates in our recent federal election – more than any previous election. Visible minorities will represent 14 per cent of Canada’s 42nd national parliament. With visible minorities comprising approximately 19.1 per cent of our population, we’re making some real progress in terms of diversity and representation in the political leadership of this country.

2. From Time: See the Changing Face of American Marriages

According to TIME analysis of Census data, interracial marriages in the United States are on the rise. Marriages between white men and non-white women have increased 36 per cent since 2000, and 33 per cent for white women married to non-white men. I wonder if we’ll start seeing more interracial couples portrayed in popular media, to reflect this social trend?

3. From The New York Times: Should Fashion Be Politically Correct?

Should it? I don’t know, though I would certainly appreciate more diversity – racial and body diversity – in a lot of the ads I see. This article offers an interesting take on what fashion can/does represent, touching on topics like cultural appropriation and viewing imagery without context, among others. No solid conclusions, but good food for thought.

4. From MTV News Decoded (and ok, ok – this is from June – but I only came across it this week and think it’s a video worth watching!): Does Race Affect Your Dating Life?

Hey I’m single and ready to mingle! This video made me realize that I am guilty of some racial stereotyping (positive and negative) in my approach to dating. You never really know who has the biggest…heart. 🙂 Definitely worth a few minutes of your time, regardless of your relationship status.


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