#favreads: November 3, 2015

Two days late, but here we are! With Halloween-costume-crafting in full swing last week I didn’t explore the literature of the interweb as much as I usually do, but there were a few things that caught my eye. Spoiler alert: I like reading stories about diversity. Following are my favourite reads from the previous week along with one item from Sunday morning for your listening pleasure. AND as a bonus, I’ve included a couple photos of myself as Furiosa (my Halloween costume) — because Mad Max was a refreshingly feminist action film, and I sincerely appreciated it.

1) From The Huffington Post Canada: Fashion’s Diversity Problem: There Are Easy Solutions
Fantastic video offering up easy ways to increase the diversity at World MasterCard Fashion Week (a.k.a. Toronto Fashion Week) and be more reflective of the people who live in this city. To summarize: JUST INCREASE THE DIVERSITY. How? Include different body types, don’t treat ethnic models as a “one-person quota” to fill or a box to check, and think beyond teens and twenty-somethings and put some older men and women on the runway. NOT THAT HARD.

I was fortunate to attend a show during Fashion Week, but I was disappointed in what I saw: only one visible minority model (who was fair-skinned), and almost zero body diversity. I was pleasantly surprised to see ONE woman with an ample bosom – BECAUSE BREASTS ON THE RUNWAY FOR WOMEN’S WEAR – WHAT A CONCEPT! But the clothing was obviously not designed for such a woman, and looked rather unflattering. *Sigh* Hopefully I’ll get to attend another show or two (or more!) in the Spring, and things will be a little more exciting on this front. A quick video of the show finale is below.

2) From Vanity Fair: The Solution to TV’s Diversity Problem? More Diversity
Let us take a moment to celebrate that progress IS being made with greater visibility and opportunity in television for actors and characters representing the LGBT community, people of colour and even more/better roles for women. But of course, there is still work to be done.

Favourite line:

“Diversity” as a concept has effected some change, but broader and more lasting progress may only come when “diversity” is not simply a pesky quota to be reached, but instead an organic state achieved through a diversely managed system.”


3) From NPR: Cosmetics Companies Play Catch-Up With Diversity Of Customers
A short, easy listen about cosmetic brands catering to more diverse markets – and why this is just good business.

Favourite line:

“as Europe and America become browner…”

4) IMPERATOR FURIOSA! (I made that metal hand myself!)

Furiosa costume Furiosa hand


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