Racial/cultural profiling on Instagram

Dear Instagram,

I do not appreciate your racial/cultural profiling (see screenshot below). Ugh. Can’t a girl just be single and loving life and also enjoy the occasional Indian fashion photo? Please serve me more ads for fine rum, adventure travel and upcoming concerts – not this crap.

And just so you know, I am not interested in “#indiandating” I’m interested in plain, old “#dating.” To each her own, but I like to keep an open mind about my partner’s culture, ethnicity and religion, and am far more interested in their values, passions, ambitions and six-pack (lol)!

HEAR THAT FRIENDS/ACQUAINTANCES/STRANGERS WHO ASSUME BECAUSE I’M BROWN AND YOUR FRIEND IS BROWN THAT WE “WOULD BE A GOOD MATCH?” The fact that our skin colours match is not adequate criteria for a setup. Why? Because we live in a diverse, modern nation, not some kind of human Candy Crush game where lining up rows of the same colour makes people explode into sparkles of matrimonial bliss!

You need a better algorithm.


P.s. Hinge’s sketchy marketing is looking good right about now.


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