Let’s go for a frothy in the arvo!

I’m back from five glorious weeks in the ‘land down under’ and along with a pretty solid tan, depleted bank account and a slight beer belly, I also have an updated vocabulary! Thank you Australia!

I will admit that at first I found the frequent abbreviations, copious slang terms, lack of annunciation and upward lilting that seems to characterize the Australian manner of speaking, rather challenging to understand. But now I have grown to love Aussie English! (Or at least to understand it.)

Two friends I made while travelling were kind enough to share the below ‘How to Speak Australian’ YouTube video, which I found immensely helpful during my travels. I think this video should be a part of everyone’s pre-trip prep when planning a holiday to the wonderful Oz. Enjoy!

p.s. ‘A frothy in the arvo’ means ‘a beer in the afternoon.’

p.p.s. My other new favourite (and somewhat related) slang phrase is ‘after grog bog’ – which means taking a big, satisfying poop after a night of drinking. 🙂



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