The Harry Potter bar (a.k.a. The Lockhart)

I finally went to The Lockhart last night, also known as “the Harry Potter bar.” The decor and allusions to the Harry Potter series are quite subtle (to avoid copyright infringement), so only the truest fans (or anyone who read this blogTO article) would likely pick up on the references. Of my group of friends, I was the only serious HP fan…so I’m pretty lucky my friends were willing to line up in the cold (30 minutes!! This place isn’t even new anymore!!) to check out the kitschy bar with me.

What we ordered: Better Beer, The Shacklebolt, The Lockhart Caesar, Jalepeno Death Shots, Nom de Guerre, and the table next to us — a group of young women who’d flown in from New York to check this place out, real Potter maniacs — were kind enough to share some of their Befuddlement Draft.

We also ordered various tapas, but as I wasn’t hungry, I snacked on a few nachos and ceviche, but not much else. The consensus was that the food was mediocre.

Overall, I was underwhelmed. The drinks were all incredibly sweet with the exception of the Caesar, which was quite spicy — the way I like my Caesars — and the Death Shots, which, as warned, gave one of my friends a stomach ache. The Befuddlement Draft (Gin, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Cherry Brandy, Triple Sec, Ginger-ale) basically sounds like the type of drink a tween would make out of liquor cabinet leftovers and tastes much as you would expect (I’d describe the flavour as “melted popsicle”). I so wanted to like this place but I would not go back. The service was excellent (our waitress and the door man were incredibly polite, accommodating and helpful), but sadly the service, cutesy decor and cool backstory do not make up for the the line up, mediocre food and most notably, the disappointing drinks. The alcohol ain’t so magical at The Lockhart, unfortunately.



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