A warm welcome to Nepal (and a cockroach murder)

A couple of flights and 24 hours of travel time later, I’ve made it to Kathmandu, Nepal!

This is the first time I’ve travelled alone without a familiar face waiting to greet me at my destination…it’s definitely a luxury I have taken for granted in the past, that I won’t take for granted again.

But, this isn’t a sad story. Getting my visa on arrival was a breeze, my luggage was quickly collected, and I did have a friendly (if not familiar) face meeting me, in the form of my Everest Base Camp tour operator (did I mention I’m heading out on a two-week trek to EBC in a few days?). I  was welcomed to Nepal with a flower garland placed around my neck and brought to my hotel, the Green Orchid, which is my present location.


Yes, I am completely alone in a faraway place vastly different from my home, and I will admit that I am a little bit terrified. Maybe very terrified. BUT, I’m also very grateful. While this hotel has no pillow cases (apparently) and a curious musty odour, I do have excellent wi-fi and hot showers, and the temperature is comfortable — and that’s not too shabby for the first night of this solo adventure!

Truthfully, I’m already feeling like a champ! Because not only did I take the leap and actually make it over here, I also killed my first cockroach of the trip (a rather massive one) a moment ago. Don’t you mess with me, roaches! (Please, I beg you.)

All-in-all, thank you for the warm welcome Nepal.



4 thoughts on “A warm welcome to Nepal (and a cockroach murder)

  1. Proud of you chica, I hate roaches with a passion so not only are you a brave soul for roaming solo, but for gracefully dealing with those disgusting creatures! ❤️

  2. Wow,
    What an achievement and a dream come true. You are the brave, happy wanderer with a strong sense of direction and purpose .
    You will leave a trail for many to follow in your footsteps .
    Power to you and blessings too 😇
    Good luck and be safe.👏🌺

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