DSC_7474My name is Davina, and I started this blog because I love reading and writing and storytelling as much as I love experiencing the rich culture of my city (Toronto), discussing diversity and multiculturalism, and travelling around the world. Language of the People is my passion project, combining all of these interests.

I’ve just wrapped up a six-month career break, having travelled across Asia, and am now based in Melbourne, Australia. Before this, you could find me at Canada’s top-rated public relations and public affairs agency, as a senior consultant specializing in corporate communications.

FUN FACTS: I’ve been to Everest Base Camp and I’m a huge fan of most snacks with peanut butter.




  1. Dear Davina,

    I am working on Bihar Museum project in Patna that has a gallery which narrates the story of indentured migration and East Indian diaspora. I was fascinated by the anecdotes you shared and the photographs of your grandparents and the immigration pass.

    In fact, we’d like to license a digital copy of the immigration pass for display in permanent exhibition in Diaspora Gallery at Bihar Museum in Patna. If the idea were to interest you, could I request you to share your details that I may tell you more about the project and our work.

    We will be happy to acknowledge your contribution and pay a fee for the image.


    Shailza Rai

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