Caribana’s history…and present-day chaos

Toronto’s annual Carnival celebrations took place a couple of weeks ago, leaving me with a real “Carnival tabanca” (Trini slang used to describe the longing for Carnival). I have been reminiscing a lot about my time ‘on de road’ and also thinking about the current state of the festival, and what the future holds for this Toronto tradition; next year will be Caribana’s 50th anniversary.


Luminato 2016: All about the Hearn

Last year I walked into the Hearn Generating Station and gazed around in awe. The Hearn is a decommissioned power plant and the building is vast — it’s a rough, raw, absolutely beautiful ruin. While the Hearn is the type of place you’d expect to visit for an illegal rave, I was actually allowed to be there…

Open Tuning 2016

Today I discovered yet another reason to love my neighbourhood (and I already have great love for The Annex): the Open Tuning music festival. Open Tuning is a free event held in Seaton Village (part of the larger ‘The Annex’ neighbourhood). On street corners, out of garages, in parks and on the front porches of homes, musicians of all…

A visit to Casa Loma

I live within walking distance of Casa Loma, but until last week, I’d never been. With a friend visiting from out of town and rather cold and blustery May weather, a visit to Casa Loma seemed like a great addition to our tour of Toronto. And I’ll admit that I was curious to see what I…

Leather jackets

Seen on Queen West. I need to ask my mom about this. I own one leather jacket, which I bought with my very first pay cheque when I was 16. I still wear it all the time – pretty rewarding and a good investment, I say.   

The Summoned. Image credit: Tarragon Theatre

The Summoned

Alas, the 2015/2016 season at Tarragon Theatre is drawing to a close. I watched the final play of the season, The Summoned, last Thursday, bringing my mentor along for the show (he’s a former theatre critic, and coincidentally, his first review was of a Tarragon play many years ago). Of all the plays at Tarragon this season,…