Adventures in a “time masheen” and other tales from the Fringe

The Toronto Fringe Festival is on. And it features a time machine. Or rather, a “time masheen.”


Open Tuning 2016

Today I discovered yet another reason to love my neighbourhood (and I already have great love for The Annex): the Open Tuning music festival. Open Tuning is a free event held in Seaton Village (part of the larger ‘The Annex’ neighbourhood). On street corners, out of garages, in parks and on the front porches of homes, musicians of all…

The gender wage gap

Seen today on Prince Arthur Avenue. The checkmarks on the “No” side demonstrate an ironic lack of chivalry given the street name, don’t you think? We have some work to do, but it’s heartening to see people taking this debate to the streets. Wage equality should be so much more than an academic discussion, a…