Adventures in a “time masheen” and other tales from the Fringe

The Toronto Fringe Festival is on. And it features a time machine. Or rather, a “time masheen.”

The Summoned. Image credit: Tarragon Theatre

The Summoned

Alas, the 2015/2016 season at Tarragon Theatre is drawing to a close. I watched the final play of the season, The Summoned, last Thursday, bringing my mentor along for the show (he’s a former theatre critic, and coincidentally, his first review was of a Tarragon play many years ago). Of all the plays at Tarragon this season,…

The Trouble with Mr. Adams

Have you ever watched something with an awkward smile plastered on your face for over an hour? I have. Yesterday, in fact, when I watched The Trouble with Mr. Adams at Tarragon Theatre, the third play I selected as part of my five-play subscription. The Trouble with Mr. Adams tells the story of a high school…

An Enemy of the People

Tonight I watched the play An Enemy of the People at Tarragon Theatre. While seated and waiting for the play to start, I read and re-read the projection on the screen shielding the set; I didn’t understand it. I had a sinking feeling that I had just set myself up for two hours of boredom.…