On loneliness

I’m laying in bed, recovering from a pretty rough case of food poisoning (FYI — Thai tea, fried eggs and avocado are much more enjoyable on the way down than the way up), and I’m thinking about loneliness. It’s a topic and feeling I’ve thought about and experienced a number of times on this trip, and in my current sad and miserable state, it’s top of mind.


The Garden of Dreams

Hearing the hustle and bustle of the streets outside my room window, I woke up to my first day in Kathmandu. Well, perhaps saying I “woke up” is a bit of a stretch…I have some adjusting to do given my new timezone (I’m 9 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Toronto time). After a filling…

A warm welcome to Nepal (and a cockroach murder)

A couple of flights and 24 hours of travel time later, I’ve made it to Kathmandu, Nepal! This is the first time I’ve travelled alone without a familiar face waiting to greet me at my destination…it’s definitely a luxury I have taken for granted in the past, that I won’t take for granted again. But, this isn’t…